"Busy rebuilding, are they? How foolish to pretend they are safe, to think that closing some gate would mean the end of this... to forget that I'm still here."

-Kronos, talking about the Atlanteans.

Kronos was the son of Ouranos and Gaia. His wife was Rhea. He was the Titan of Time. He is the ruler of all Titans. He usurped control from his father. His children were Hestia, Hades, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, and Zeus. He and the rest of the Titans were imprisoned in Tartarus by Zeus. Some time after his imprisonment, Kronos somehow contacted Poseidon and used his feelings of jealousy for his brother Zeus and used him in a plan to free him. Using Gargarensis Kronos almost succeeded, but in the end he was stopped by Arkantos. After the Atlanteans lost their home, Kronos sent his minion Kronny to kill Krios and take his place. Then, he convinced the Atlanteans to worship the Titans and attack the Greeks, Egyptians, and Norse. Once again, he almost succeeded but was defeated when the son of Arkantos, Castor, unleashed Gaia and was imprisoned in Tartarus again.


Kronos appears as a giant walking man made out of stone and is glowing purple.


Kronos' powers include being able to control time, although this wasn't shown in the game. He is also almost indestructible and the only person who can stop him is Gaia, his mother.


The TitanomachyEdit

Kronos and PoseidonEdit

Kronos' MinionsEdit

Kronos Almost SucceedsEdit

Kronos' New PlanEdit

"Well, it's their nature to be forgetful... Even their gods are absentminded- Zeus has forgotten about everyone he has locked away in Tartarus. It is time for all of us to remind him..."


The Atlanteans Are Under His ThumbEdit

"Go... do as I have told you... Make way for the Titans!"

-Kronos to Kronny.

Weakening the GodsEdit

Kronos Walks AgainEdit

Kronos is Imprisoned AgainEdit

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